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Biotic Wave Ultimate Facials

Miracle Facial: A total inner and outer healing, regenerates cells, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, swelling, bruising, pain, lymph detox, refines skin tone, lifts and firm’s muscles, deep hydration, gentle exfoliation, relieves rosacea and acne.

On the Go: For the time challenged person who wants beneficial results in a shorter period of time. It is an abbreviated version of the Miracle Facial.

Ultimate Detox

Organ Circulation: Inner health and beauty! Gentle rollers massage your midsection to increase circulation, rev up sluggish organs, gently detox and metabolize fat.

Cellulite Treatments: A tight thigh is a happy thigh! Treatments will smooth and tighten thighs by reducing water and metabolizing fat.

Focus Treatments

Eyes and Face: De-puff and brighten! Reduce eye lines, dark circles, soften deep wrinkles, firms elasticity, reduces swelling, bruising, scarring, scar tissue, lifts brow and cheekbone muscles.

Body: Lift, tighten, smooth and renew! Define your derriere, firm body skin and reshape your legs, arms and breasts. Reduces scar tissue and improves topical scarring from liposuction, breast implants and reductions, most surgical procedures and radiation therapy.

Electro Focus Massage: Quickly relieve sore muscles, inflammation and pain! Stress melts away as the microcurrents penetrate stressed muscles in your neck, back and shoulders. Release toxins, reduce inflammation and relieve muscle tension and pain.

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Look and feel younger with the most advanced cellular rejuvenation treatments to date. You will relax and yet be energized as your body and skin regenerates from the inside out. The intelligent microcurrent computer used in their unique treatments analyzes your individual cellular structure and directs the exact amount of current necessary to dramatically increase your collagen, elastin and muscle tone.